Angiotensin II

Active substance
Angiotensin II
Cardiovascular diseases
Reason of inclusion in Horizonscan Geneesmiddelen
New medicine (specialité)
Main indication
Other medication for cardiovascular diseases
Extended indication
Hypotension in adults with septic or other distributive shock

1. Product

Proprietary name
La Jolla
Mechanism of action
Receptor agonist
Route of administration
Therapeutical formulation
Intravenous drip
Budgetting framework
Intermural (MSZ)
Additional comments

2. Registration

Registration route
Centralised (EMA)
Type of trajectory
Normal trajectory
Submission date
July 2018
Expected Registration
August 2019
Orphan drug
Registration phase
Registration application pending
Additional comments
In Juli op de lijst van de EMA (Medicines Under Evaluation).

3. Therapeutic value

Therapeutic value
No judgement
De inschatting is dat dit geneesmiddel niet veel gebruikt gaat worden in Nederland.
Duration of treatment
Not found
Dosage per administration
starten met 20 ng/ kg/min voor 3 uur

4. Expected patient volume per year

Patient volume

< 15,000

Market share is generally not included unless otherwise stated.

Additional comments
In Amerika 300.000 personen die in aanmerking zouden komen voor het geneesmiddel, teruggerekend naar Nederland zou dat gaan 15.000 patiënten.

5. Expected cost per patient per year

There is currently nothing known about the expected cost.

6. Potential total cost per year

There is currently nothing known about the possible total cost.

7. Off label use

There is currently nothing known about off label use.

8. Indication extension

There is currently nothing known about indication extensions.

9. Other information

There is currently no futher information available.